“All Who Dance”

new original poetry by Daniel Torres


Daniel Torres, Arts contributor

As the sun amplifies her smile upon the vast lands and mighty seas,

a shimmer of light, unknown to that day,

attempts to edify the fortified,

attempts to fortify the nullified.

Her radiant smile

shines with a certain vivacity,

potent to enkindle a storm,

potent to utterly transform.

Though, sometimes sinister challenges rectitude,

to overthrow what is inherent, embedded within.

With much scrutiny,

darkness spurs mutiny.

Thus the sun unhands her restraint on power,

pragmatic at its wake, thunderous rains clatter.

A little voice disrupting the amity,

the abysmal refusing the solidarity.

The emergence of a restless fight to restore lost integrity unfolds,

but to no avail, completely ridiculed,

unknowing of how to abate the bane,

of how to dissolve its treacherous reign.

But to sew the riven,

to look beyond what is superfluously given,

one must step back from the illusion

and witness the realms which led to the failed preclusion.

Is it the fiery roots that bind us

that gift humankind empathy and compassion

to do what is believed to be right, as they were,

that unforeseeably brought this point in time to occur?

Would it help to step up?

Attempting to ameliorate

what is though seen as impossible?

To quell dissension and to progress… but for whom? Or for none?

What is evil?

Where is it? Whom?

Does it stem from fear

or does fear stem from it … like an apple does from an apple tree, so near?

Could it be excessiveness or the lack of thereof?


not certainly, not vaguely,

but just maybe, is it something else that led us here so ably?

Such uncertainties have the potency of being as much strength and unity

as it does conflict and frailty.

Is there a solution

out on the horizon?

Every single action, little decision heretofore taken by humanity, has brought consequences that

impact its subsequents, all of which ultimately build-up to the very point we now find ourselves.

Each action is as unpredictable as the next;

an intricate and mysterious pattern so complex.

So speak truth to power,

for it can soar, tower,

over the strifes, the fraught.

En garde, relent not!

Reckon with candor

like the roar of hurricane winds,

deafening, fierce, and untamed,

to heal the animosity, to light the world—currently inflamed.

Then, as a rooster’s crow awakes

with a will stronger than stone,

there is the birth of a new day, no longer astray.

The Earth trembles no more, a blessing all adore.

Vile in nature? Sinister in thought? Wicked in mind?

Worry not.

Shine light,

dissipate darkness.

All who dance need not be blind.

All who dance refine mankind.