The Bonac Wrestling Team Needs More Space

Cooper Ceva, staff writer

For years, the Bonac wrestling program has been growing at an alarming rate. This year the Bonac wrestling program consists of over 20 members. The current wrestling room is tiny and oddly shaped, with a column in the middle of the room. During wrestling practice, the team members are piled on top of each other. When doing various drills, wrestlers crash into one another. At this point, it is a safety hazard.

There is another wrestling room in the basement used years ago that is at least double the size of the current wrestling room. The athletic department put this wrestling room out of commission years ago due to a smaller program. It was then used as storage. Due to the recent surge in the number of members on the wrestling team, a bigger wrestling room is an absolute necessity. We all need to work together for the safety of our wrestlers and push for a larger wrestling room. Our wrestlers’ safety should come first!