Student Association Ice Cream Social Is a Delicious Success


Everyone loves ice cream!

Beachcomber Staff

On Wednesday, May 18th, the Student Association hosted its first annual ice cream social to boost interest in and awareness of the many clubs the school has to offer. Each club sent student representatives to set up tables and promote their clubs. Visiting students got “passports” which could be stamped by each club they spoke with and traded in for free scoops of ice cream. The event was overwhelmingly successful, with students lining up in the hallway just to get into the event. This fun event is sure to boost participation in next year’s clubs.

After the event, Student Association advisor Michele Barbaretti expressed her gratitude to the students and staff that made the event a success. “Whether you helped secure student volunteers, set up tables, provided freezer space, ice cream scoops, or table cloths, or visited to show support – thank you! We couldn’t have done this without you!”