Nhi Duong and Isabel Mulhern


  • Beware of senioritis/junioritis: show up to class, watch out for your grades (colleges will see your mid-year report and absences).
  • Extra curricular activities and community service hours should be your best friends! 
  • Start your college application early and understand the difference between early action, decision, and rolling admission.
  • Start and expand your resume.
  • Inspire yourself and others to have school spirit!
  • Endeavor in different things and figure out your traits to help with your application to differentiate yourself from the rest.
  • Apply to several colleges (you’ve got nothing to lose…except application fees): safe and reach schools…you never know!
  • Do NOT wait until the last minute for scholarships. Trust us. 
  • Research on scholarships outside of what the high school offers (online, local places, competitions, etc.)
  • Use the first half of senior year to your advantage. You still have the opportunity to significantly improve your academic record and resume.
  • Don’t overload your schedule and be selective with your AP classes.
    • APs are great for raising GPA, while college courses’ credits transfer and will save you money, woohoo!
    • Take classes you will potentially study in the future.
    • Chemistry/ap psychology…you can always challenge yourself!
  • Research colleges with a good amount of time before application deadlines:
    • Allow yourself time to research the college, write the essays, SAT/ACT, and any additional information.
  • Tolerating college acceptances and rejections:
    • The process is very randomized. Understand that whatever the answer is, everything is meant to happen the way it did!
    • Getting in and transferring in the future is an option. A rejection doesn’t mean you won’t be able to attend in the future.
  • If you are torn between colleges, consider its location, safety, majors and minors, extracurriculars, and do not be afraid to ask questions. 
  • Seek advice from others!
  • Appreciate the lack of responsibilities you have!
  • Try new things! Step out of your comfort zone, you never know what you’d discover.
  • Don’t feel like you need to have your entire life figured out by the time you graduate high school. You still have time in college to experiment with different classes and find out what you seriously want to pursue.
  • Make the most of your last year being in high school.
  • Enjoy extracurricular activities, school events, friendships, evolving, and most importantly: 


Best of Luck, 

The Bonac Beachcombers Seniors