The School Should Offer Basic Mechanical Skills Classes for Students

Devon Mansir, Jr. , Staff Writer

I believe that our school needs to offer more hands-on classes because kids don’t know how to do half of the things they need for the future. These are basic things that every adult should know, and high school is the perfect time to learn. For example, most graduates from high school can’t fix simple household appliances or change their own tire or build a basic shelf or table. While it’s very useful to have BOCES, more should be offered here at the school so that instructional time is not wasted with all of the traveling.  Parents would prefer if their child didn’t have to travel far every day, especially in bad weather. Also, BOCES is for people who want to specialize, but these classes could benefit everyone, even people who think they wouldn’t be good at fixing things. Basic trade classes such as electric, plumbing, and HVAC would be a welcome addition to the shop classes we already have. These classes could be electives and would really benefit every student. I think a lot of people don’t realize how many things they are going to need to know when they get out into the real world, and if they don’t learn it now, maybe they never will. They could save themselves a lot of time and money if they had the opportunity to learn to fix things for themselves.