Opinion: Election Drama


Brody Eggert, Editor in Chief

Maybe it’s just me, but November 3rd feels like a lifetime ago when it’s only been 12 days. Maybe that’s because we didn’t know that President-Elect Joe Biden was the winner until November 7th and that the last state to be called, Georgia, was only called for Joe Biden on November 13th. No matter which candidate you support, the American public has gone through a whirlwind since election day.

The President has made very few public appearances since Election Day, keeping quiet on everything, except Twitter. On Twitter, President Trump and his surrogates have been propagating the false claim that the election was rigged in Joe Biden’s favor and that there were massive amounts of voter fraud across the country. Also false. The President has also not yet conceded the election to Joe Biden.

However, some prominent Republicans are pushing back against the President on this issue. While most Republicans have stood steadfast with the president, some have broken the mold. Many are calling for Biden to have access to top-secret intelligence and national security briefings which the Trump Administration has so-far blocked the Biden team from doing. The Biden team is also struggling to begin his smooth transition to the Oval Office because the Trump appointee that controls the funds saved for the transition between administrations is refusing to sign off on transition documents and access for the Biden transition team.

However, the Biden transition is (in some ways) beginning, with Joe Biden picking his long-time former Chief of Staff Ron Klain to be his Presidential Chief of Staff who will greatly aid him in the transition, picking cabinet members, and through his presidency. Also, the Republicans who have called for Biden to have access to the security briefings have made headway with James Lankford (R-OK) saying as a member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee he would step in to give Biden access to the briefings if Trump did not give Biden access by last Friday. Other reports say that Donald Trump is privately already discussing a 2024 presidential run! And don’t forget, the election isn’t over! We still have two senate seats up for grabs in Georgia! We’ll see what happens!


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