Running Through COVID


Nicole Velez, Staff Writer

Growing up with three brothers, and no sisters, had a toll on my childhood. Dolls and pink dresses were always quite out of the question- my playmates were boys, whether I liked it or not. I believe that’s what made me develop a love for running.

As a child, I was extremely active. However, to the surprise of many, I was never part of a travel team or dedicated to just one sport. The one thing I was generally good at- running- just so happened to be the base skill for many sports- making me naturally “okay” at almost any sport, but never the absolute best.

Come seventh grade, things changed. We, as students, were offered a variety of sports to choose from throughout the year. I took every opportunity and made try-outs for the sports that required one- successfully finishing Middle School as a Four-Sport Athlete and the Girl’s Athletic Department Award recipient.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped running. With a sudden change in seventh grade, the next two years were spent playing one of four sports every season, leaving no time for leisurely runs. However, a blessing in disguise, COVID, allowed me to rediscover a passion I had never entirely lost interest in- running.

I believe running is so much more than just an activity. It allows a human to reconnect with nature, provides a time for them to reflect on themselves and their efforts, or merely a time for them to blast their favorite tunes and release some steam. And, best of all, running can be tracked, and progress can be guaranteed with enough perseverance. 

Between last March and June, I was running almost every evening. In my case, I wasn’t looking for results. Rather, I needed a way to destress myself. Sitting down at a desk and looking at a computer for several hours at a time was taking a toll on me- running, or even walking, helped to take my mind off of school. I’ve come to realize that running has become a coping mechanism for me.

I’m happy to say that even after joining club soccer this September, I haven’t stopped running. Granted, I don’t run every day, though. I run when I can; I run when I feel I need to. Running is what you make it, and I’m determined to make the best out of it