We NEED new food in the cafe


Chas Weimer, Richie Maio

We need to get a corporate sponsor like Subway or Panera in our school cafeteria. Our school has a huge kitchen and prep station which would perfectly fit a Subway or Panera or even a Chipotle.

The food in our cafeteria tastes like actual cardboard, like we gag every time we bite into the crusty pizza. It’s nasty old crust has died out. We’d rather eat dirt than this food. The portions of the food are so small. It doesn’t even fill us up. We go hungry all day. When we do eat, it’s not even good food. I would rather eat my Thanksgiving leftovers from one month ago than this DISGUSTING food. 

Panera or Subway are definitely healthier than what we eat. Plus, it’s expensive in our school anyway! An average school meal costs $8.25 which is horrible. Now listen to this: A cold cut combo which is an entire foot long only costs $5.50! That is 5 dollars, and say a water is 1 dollar, you would be spending less on a better, bigger and fresher meal. 

It’s not even the workers, it’s the materials that they are given. If we get Subway or Panera we would have quality food. The workers are very humble people to deal with cranky teenagers. If they had Subway or Panera they wouldn’t be as cranky and be happy and more respectful. So we believe we should have better lunches and a corporate company, and we think you as the school would save money and make the kids of East Hampton happy. But we want to keep the cookies because they are bomb 🙂