Alyssa Benton: Sophomore and Racing Superstar


Paige Cordone

Alyssa Benton is a Gunt & Go race car driver at Riverhead Raceway. She is fifteen years old, and she is the youngest girl driver in the Gunt & Go. She is a strong race car driver who had gotten into a bad accident. I witnessed her accident – she was coming around the corner on the first lap and had lost control the first time and hit the wall. Not many seconds after she had gotten rear-ended and smashed into the other part of the wall and her knee hit the shifter, she blacked out for a few seconds, broke her arm, and cut her lip. She said to me that her accident was rough because everyone was surrounding her trying to get her out of the car. She came out but she was all roughed up and all messed up. The last thing she said to me was, “I wanna get out there and race again Paige.” 

Alyssa Benton is a sophomore at East Hampton High School. She has gotten into racing because of her brother and her dad. She looks up to both of them. Her brother is a big-time legend racer. He helps her do so much and he was the first one to help his younger sister get her first Gunt & Go car. Alyssa knew from the start that there were consequences and a lot that comes with racing like concussions, broken bones, getting ejected from the car, getting into bad accidents, and even having to buy a whole new car and new parts. She knew she could crash or something could happen but she is a strong woman and can overcome anything in her way.

Overall Alyssa Benton is a very strong Riverhead Raceway driver. It was honestly a pleasure talking to her and getting to find out more information about her and learning more and more about the Riverhead Raceway and things you should and should not do. I highly recommend talking to Alyssa, and I loved finding out more information about Riverhead Raceway.