My Mother’s Journey to Montauk


Anna Carmen

My mother, Louise Carman, took the opportunity to grow a larger perspective of the world through travel. Australia, Singapore, and the United States, were some of the countries and continents she stepped foot in. There were endless attractions to visit and an ever-growing feeling of excitement as she embarked on her journey. 

Summer of 1985, she chose to visit the United States first for two reasons: touring out of curiosity and, secondly, making money as every high school graduate does. Working, and meeting new people, whether they were locals or tourists, added more excitement to her trip. “I had no intention of staying here at the time…” but little did she know something or someone was going to make her stay. For the next two years, my mother went back and forth between Ireland and Montauk.   

In January of 1988,  she and two other friends said slán a fhagáil meaning “farewell” in Gaelic, and said hello to Sydney, Australia. At the last moment, she decided to visit Singapore where she stayed for a week. This served as more of a relaxation period for her. My mother then went on to Australia, the intention being to work and travel across the country, ending with a visit to her relatives in Perth on the west coast. 

With summer around the corner, my mother went back to Montauk to see her boyfriend and continued to work at restaurants. Flash forward to 1990, my father and her married each other on October 5th.