Bonac Graduate Maya Poblete’s Mural Project

A talented recent grad has created public art at EHHS to boost morale.


Maya Poblete, Alumni contributor

Murals have the opportunity to tell a story, and by no means are they a passive form of art. Murals are perfect for facilitating public interaction and communication. To have murals decorating the walls of a school consistently broadcasts the student body’s appreciation for the arts and helps maintain school spirit.

Having a display of some dynamic, student-generated murals to invigorate the space of the school is key in demonstrating advocacy in the arts.

By allowing students to actively change their learning environment in the ways they see fit, they are allowed to collaborate with their peers and express their opinions about issues, topics, and imagery important to them.

While plays, films, and musical performances help empower the arts within a community, a mural speaks to its viewers at every hour of every day, maximizing audience potential.

I am so grateful to have been able to paint on such a large “canvas,” especially one that will remain in a space that I would once regularly be in. I wanted to create something that would help boost morale as the school year comes to a close. I wanted to make it known that the arts are very much alive, even during such unprecedented times. I’m so happy to have been able to reconnect with friends and faculty I hadn’t seen since the start of the pandemic, during the time I was scheduled to paint. In doing so, I’m confident that this mural will continue to bring people together.

I’m so honored to have been given the chance to make such a lasting impact on a school that I called home for four years of my life.