Harry Styles Is Amazing. Prove Me Wrong.

Harry Styles “Love on Tour” is worth the money.


Leah Fromm, Staff Writer, Vice-President

Harry Styles: Love on Tour, Oct 21, 2021

Harry Styles is a British pop star who is currently touring across the United States. I had the opportunity to see him perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut less on October 21st. The only word I can think of that describes his performance is terrific. Harry began the show by rising from below the stage and immediately singing his hit song Golden. After two pieces, he gave an introductory speech summing up the COVID protocols of his tour. He ended the speech saying his goal for the night was for everyone there to have as much fun as he would. Harry announced about halfway through that it was his mother’s birthday and encouraged the entire crowd to sing for her. Then he sang the way through the rest of the setlist. Before performing the final song, he announced that after the song he and his band would hide under the stage for a few minutes pretending they didn’t already have an encore planned. The encore lasted three songs, but within the ten minutes those songs occurred, there was a disco ball, juggling, and Harry jokingly dumping water on a group of fans in the pit. Overall, the entire experience was unbelievable. I would recommend anyone who enjoys having a good time to see Harry Styles while he is still touring.