• January 31Boys Varsity Swim Team are League 2 Champions! Congratulations!
  • January 13School Newspaper Meetings on MONDAYS @2:50 after school if you would like to join.

2019-2020 Staff

Alden Powers

Head Writer

Alden is a senior.

Lisbeth Leon

News Editor

Lisbeth Leon is in 11th grade. She is a part of the Newspaper Club, Awesome Club, and Cooking Club.  She has been on the girls' varsity swim team for 3 years. She enjoys swimming and reading. ...

Jocelyn Jarro


Jocelyn Jarro is a 10th grader. She is a part of  Dance Club and Key Club. She enjoys participating in community service, dancing, and performing.

Steve Rubio

staff writer

Steve is a junior. He enjoys playing soccer and wrestling.

Devon Mansir, Jr.

staff writer

Mackenzie Bennett

staff writer

Mackenzie Bennett is a junior. She is a student leader at the Long Island Teen Institute and has over 319 hours of community service.

Sophia Yardley

staff writer

Sophia is in 10th grade.

Keira Atwell

staff writer

Keira is in 9th grade. She is a member of the Key Club, Academic Team, and the Art Club. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, sketching, and writing.

Isabel Mulhern

staff writer

Isabel is in 9th grade. She is also a member of the Key Club and the Art Club. In her free time, she enjoys writing and creating art.

Andrea Rivera

staff writer

Andrea Rivera is in 10th grade. She is a part of the Key Club, Interact Club, Yoga Club, and Dance Club. She enjoys dancing and listening to music.

Jax Cantwell

Staff Writer

Jax is in 10th grade. He is a member of the Student Association. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, sports, and going to East Hampton town.

Nidia Bravo

Staff Writer

Nidia is in tenth grade. She writes for the school newspaper and is a member of the Hospitality Club and the Key Club. She enjoys reading in her free time.

Kayla Carpio

Staff Writer

Kayla Carpio is an 11th grader. This is her first year in the newspaper club. Kayla is a part of the hospitality club, Girls' Gaze, World Language Club, Newspaper Club, and the “That's What She Said” club. She has been on t...

Brody Eggert


Brody Eggert is in 11th grade. He is a member of the Model U.N., Student Association, Academic Team, and the tennis team. His hobbies include photography, writing, and poetry.

Miles Coppola

Miles is a senior.

Melanie Vallandares

Melanie Vallandares is in 10th grade.

Brianna Calle

Brianna is in 9th grade. She is also a member of the Garden Club, Spanglish Club, Sources of Strength, Teen Arts Council, Fashion Design Club and is Secretary of the class of 2023. She enjoys photography, writing, and poetry.

Jessie Branche

Jessie is a junior. Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling and everything sports.

Emma Duchi

Emma Duchi is in 10th grade. She's in the Newspaper Club, and her hobbies and interests are singing, drawing, sketching, listening to music, dancing and playing the piano.

Perla Mancilla

staff writer/editor

Perla is in 9th grade. She has been a competitive gymnast for 10 years. She enjoys reading in her free time.

Tajhae Campbell


Tajhae is a senior. He is the photographer for Bonac Beachcomber.

Alex Vanegas

sports writer

Alex is a junior. He is a natural athlete who is hard-working and dedicated. He continues to surpass his goals in sports and academics.

Jake Epstein


Jake is a junior who enjoys making speeches, videos, and presentations.